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Stay young with Jwan Clinic

Specialized eye examination

comprehensive eye exam, refraction, tonometry, specialized ocular imagings including OCT, Nd:Yag Laser


Specialized Dermatologic exam and cosmetic consult

exam of skin lesions, dermoscopy and Iontophoresis


Glass and contact lenses

Dispensing glasses and contact lenses with the best material, different sunglasses and aesthetic lenses


Different cosmetic surgeries

Blepharoplasty, fat transfer, thread lifting, subcision, nevus removal, skin biopsies, cancer surgeries, graft and flaps and cryotherapy



Botox, filler and mesotherapy with the most-trusted brands


Hair, eyebrow and eyelash transplant

Hair transplant by FUE & FUT methods by the well-known technicians of the region under supervision of dermatologist and ophthalmologist


Different cosmetic lasers

Candella hair removal laser and Fotona laser


Rejuvenation devices

HIFU, Fractional CO2 laser

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Jwan Clinic

Jwan clinic starts its services since July 2019 by the collaboration of Dr N. Hemmatian (Dermatologist and aesthetician) and Dr S. Zaheryani (Ophthalmologist) in different aspects of cosmesis, dermatology and ophthalmology.Currently, specialized skin and eye examinations are done by using the most updated diagnostic and therapeutic equipments. We are fortunate to have the most well-known technicians of hair transplant and laser in the region. We are trying to provide glasses and contact lenses with the best material. Goal of this clinic is to provide the needs of people despite any personal differences.

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